Pono Trailers Delivery | Big Island & Maui

Pono Trailers Delivery | Big Island & Maui

July 13, 2022 0 Comments

Pono Trailers would like to sincerely thank everyone whom contributed to the first successful loads of our dump trailers being delivered to the Big Island and the Island of Maui. There was so much help involved throughout the whole process, and it’s challenging even to begin where to convey our gratitude.

First and foremost, we want to thank you, our first customers. You are the reason why we’re here in Hawaii. You trusted and believed in us, and we are thankful for you. You deserve the highest quality trailers matched with excellent pricing and outstanding support, and we will continue to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy.

Furthermore, our Pono Ambassadors are the reason you’ve received the best trailers in the state of Hawaii and in the industry because we have their Kokua and support. Our Ambassadors are the fundamental backbone of the Pono Trailers operation. These men and women do everything from assigning VINs, quality control, delivery, maintenance, invoicing, web design, fabrication, welding, de-stacking, and answering phone calls and texts. We stand with our Pono Ambassadors since they go above and beyond what is asked because they want to treat you how they want to be treated.

A special and sincere mahalos goes out to Conen’s Freight Transport, Pasha, Raw Maxx, Edward, Alan, Diana, Wilmer, Hilo Matt, and Aussie Chris.

To be in a state of harmony or balance with oneself, others, the land, work, and life itself exemplifies being PONO. 

Mahalos and A Hui Hou. 

—Pono Trailers 


Here are just a few photos from our Big Island and Maui dump trailer delivery days;

Maui Dump Trailers

Maui Dump Trailers
Hawaii Trailers

Hawaii Dump Trailers

Hawaiian Trailers

Maui, Hawaii Dump Trailers

Hawaiian Dump Trailers

Maui Dump Trailers

Maui Trailers

Hilo Hawaii | Big Island Trailers

Big Island Hawaii Dump Trailers

Island of Hawaii Dump Trailers

Hawaii Trailers

Big Island Hawaii Trailers

Hilo Hawaii Trailers